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Bet on Rats is a folk-punk band from Grand Rapids, Michigan. The band is fronted by Dan Smith (formerly of Bitter Apples), and carries over several tracks from Bitter Apples single self-titled album.

Associated acts include: Bitter Apples, The West Side Rebellion, 78 Revolutions Per-Minute, The Quirk.

Easy Now - EP (2015)[]

Bet on Rats released the EP "Easy Now" in 2015.

Easy Now - EP Track Listing[]

  1. Easy Now
  2. Isms
  3. So the Sun May Set
  4. Teacups & Chaos

Braille (2016)[]

Bet on Rats released its first full-length album, "Braille," in October of 2016. The album's first single and title track comes from a re-purposed Bitter Apples song of the same name.

The album was recorded, mixed, and mastered by band member Don Carlisle at Knavish Audio. The artwork was created by Nadja Van Pelt, off a concept developed by the band from a lyric.

While it doesn't appear on the album, the band also released a single titled "I Will Crawl" in 2016 as part of the "A Hella Skitchin Compilation" album collecting singles from Grand Rapids acts.

Braille Track Listing[]

  1. Familiar Feeling
  1. Attraction to Reaction
  2. Braille
  3. Burn the Pages
  4. Dust
  5. Norma's Home Invasion
  6. Salt and Vinegar
  7. Gravestone on the Hill

Notes, Influences, and References on Braille[]

  • The track "Familiar Feeling" features guest drummer Ryan Schubert.

Wrong Chords, Missed Beats & Smelly Feets (2018)[]

Released under the name Dan on Rats, Dan Smith and Haliegh Potter recorded a single take demo with a cell phone titled "Wrong Chords, Missed Beats & Smelly Feets."

Wrong Chords, Missed Beats & Smelly Feets Track Listing:

  1. Another Other
  2. Cynic Bomb
  3. Run to the Table
  4. Main Characters


Dan Smith, Don Carlisle, Derek Blossom, Midhat Begovic

Also includes: Haliegh Potter