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Bless You Boys was a pop-rock band from Grand Rapids, fronted by Christopher Andrus (Middlefield), and featuring Steve Sullivan, Brad Lawrence, and Brad Harris. The band's name is a reference to the Detroit Tigers, who won the 1984 world series only to suffer years of heartbreak and near-misses.

Influences include The Beatles and Jeff Buckley.

Associated acts include: Middlefield, Ghost Heart, and Chasing the Sky.

Armed to the Teeth (2007)[]

Recorded at Mackinaw Harvest Studios with Michael Crittenden.

The band also started Bless You Boys TV during this period -- which was described as "part Flight of the Concords, part Tenacious D" by The Grand Rapids Press' Troy Reimink.

The Still Life (2008)[]

Recorded at Mackinaw Harvest Studios with Michael Crittenden.

Dissolution and "Is Everybody Happy?" Documentary (2009-2011)[]

In October of 2009, Bless You Boys returned from a final tour. Andrus announced via Facebook that the band would be disbanding. The band had been eyeing several major-label deals, all of which fell through, and Andrus said in an (and later in the band's feature documentary) that morale at this point was at an all-time low.

The band had recorded around 25 songs since release of The Still Life and Andrus anticipated release of those songs sometime in the future.

During the band's final tour, the group welcomed filmmaker Tim Marklevitz on the road trip, who documented the entire journey and by accident, the band's dissolution. In 2011` Marklevitz released the finished version of the film, which changed from its working title "On Deaf Ears" to "Is Everybody Happy?"

Careers after Bless You Boys[]

Christopher Andrus opened The Mitten Brewing Company. He also self-recorded and released two solo albums -- "The Glass Man" (2010) and "Rare Earth Elements" (2017).

Steve Sullivan performs with many acts, including Drawing Monsters.

Brad and Brad ...