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The Juno Blacklist, photo credit: Jill Syzsko

The Juno Blacklist is a blues rock band from Grand Rapids, Michigan. The band features mainstays Trevor Andrew Atkinson, C.R. Warner, and Jared Williams -- and has rotated drummers since its birth. The band was formerly known as JuxTApose -- with the TA capitalized to represent Trevor Atkinson's initials.

The band's lyrics tend to be story-based, with several songs following the adventures, mishaps, and bizarre exploits of a wandering musician named T-Dog Jenkins.

Formation and JuxTApose Demo (2007-2010)[]


Trevor Andrew Atkinson of The Juno Blacklist performing "The Stone" by Dave Matthews Band

Trevor Andrew Atkinson of The Juno Blacklist performing "The Stone" by Dave Matthews Band.

The Juno Blacklist began as a very casual solo project frontman Trevor Atkinson in the late 2000s. While working a summer on Mackinaw Island, he met and began a relationship with keyboardist C.R. Warner -- the two began to write music together under the name JuxTApose, and the band was born. Not long after, Jared Williams would join on bass.

They recorded an untitled home demo CD, large portions of which would later be rerecorded at professional studio quality for 2012's "World of Trouble."

World of Trouble (2012)[]


The Juno Blacklist recording "World of Trouble" at Mackinaw Harvest Studios in 2012

The Juno Blacklist recording at Mackinaw Harvest Studios in 2012.

The Juno Blacklist released its debut studio album "World of Trouble" under the name JuxTApose in 2012. The album release was celebrated with a live house show at "The JuxtaCrib", a house in Grand Rapids shared by members Trevor Atkinson, Cassidy Warner, and Jared Williams. The party was nearly crashed thanks to the arrival of the Grand Rapids Police Department.

"World of Trouble" was recorded at Mackinaw Harvest Studios with Michael Crittenden and Christopher Andrus. The album art was created by Warner, under her artist name C.R. Warner.

During this period, Atkinson and Warner joined fellow Mackinaw Harvest Studios recording group Chasing the Sky to contribute to the album King of the Losing Side.

World of Trouble Tracklist: []

  • Splintered Ivory
  • Water Meets the Sky
  • T-Dog: World of Trouble
  • Real Lady

Rebranding as The Juno Blacklist, new recordings (2014-Present)[]

In late 2014/early 2015, the band decided to rebrand itself as "The Juno Blacklist" in an effort to more effectively build an audience. They began performing new material live, and tracking demos with with Christopher Andrus.

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